The Team Visit Cafe Del Spa!

The Team Visit Cafe Del Spa!

James Martin-Harper |

The Scayl team have been working hard this year, and now that the restrictions are lifted, we feel like we can finally have our Christmas party.

However, since it’s now the glorious British summertime we don’t feel very Christmassy. In fact, we’d much prefer a relaxing holiday abroad. Since we can’t do that, we’ve brought the sunny shores of Ibiza to us!

Not to brag – but after a busy year we really feel like we deserve this one. Kicking off the Spanish theme we first headed to The Old Yard Tapas Bar in Darlington to dine on some delicious food. (Perhaps even maybe too much food!). We raised our glasses and toasted ourselves for all the hard work we’ve been doing and to our founder, for it was his birthday – and what a great way to spend it!

After finishing the meal, the team headed to Rockliffe Hall where we were greeted with a spa garden complete with an infinity pool, jacuzzi, heated loungers, saunas and more. We had a twist on the classic Ibiza anthems with a saxophone player in charge of the music rather than a DJ. The team really had a great time and as the saying goes, work hard, play hard.