Five of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions in 2019

We thought we would wrap the year up with our most commonly asked questions in 2019. We asked our sales and support team to put together the top 5. So here they are:

1) How do I unbox the machine?
This might seem like a silly question, but because we have built Scayl to be an online business, it means we send our machines out using couriers. To reduce damage, we make sure they are well packaged and sometimes customers find it hard to get the machine out!

So, to remove the machine from the wooden crate, you simply tilt the box onto its back, so the lid opens parallel to the floor. You will then be able to walk the machine out of the box and then lift the machine straight onto the portable trolley/worktop bench for operation. Two people will be needed for this.

2) How do I set up the machine once I have opened the box?
Firstly, remove the transit bolts, which we install to prevent the spring-loaded vibration plate from damaging in transit. If in doubt, refer to your user manual as some of the machines will vary.

Then place the machine on the supplied stand or a secure tabletop. Remove the polystyrene and packaging whilst attaching the top hopper, ensuring the flow gate is facing the front of the machine. Attach the funnel, making sure the lip at the back of the funnel goes under the machine, not into space where the gate opens and then secure with the clips.

Finally, plug the power cable and foot pedal in, press and reset the machine's scales. To do this, press and hold CLEAR, then press and hold RETURN TO ZERO. 

3) How do I use the machine?
We have programmed the machine to work with your ingredients before it left our warehouse, thus optimising the settings for speed and accuracy. So, it should work out of the box.

Once the machine is set up, ensure the flow gate on the hopper is lowered right to the bottom before you fill the hopper. Then, raise the gate up to give the machine a linear flow of your ingredients. For coffee beans, we recommend setting it approximately ¼ of the way up, for powders you can leave it fully closed.

Setting the flow gate is a matter of trial and error, so inching it up will allow you to find the perfect setting for speed and accuracy. When you are happy, mark the gate with a semi-permanent marker, which will be useful for future use. 

You can use the different speed settings accordingly and set your dispensing weight, then press start and your ingredients will start to weigh out. Pressing the pedal, or using the sensor, will then dispense the ingredients. This cycle will continue until you have pressed stop, or ran out of ingredients in the hopper.

When you have finished, you can press the CLEAR MATERIAL button to empty the machine. We recommend putting the flow gate fully up for this. 

Please remember though, that the machine has an intelligent micro-computer on board so it learns the product as it goes, and works best when the hopper is full. The first few dispenses may be inaccurate, but this will smooth out afterwards.

You may also want to place a bowl under the funnel until you gain confidence using the machine, otherwise, you may have a few spills whilst you learn how to use it.

4) What is the lead time if I order it now?
We keep a good stock holding of all our machines, so turnaround is usually 2-5 days. Sometimes items do go out of stock, so you will then have to wait on a new factory build. In these circumstances, the lead time can be up to 3 weeks.

5) How long will the machine last?
We offer a 12-month warranty on all of our machines which covers 1m dispenses. However, we still have machines that have been operating for over 4 years and have exceeded these limits and are still working perfectly.

Our machines have very few moving parts and the motor is electro-magnetic. So, it is less likely that something will fail. But in the rare instance it does, outside of warranty, we have a full stock of replacement parts which are priced between £50-150. So, maintaining our machines doesn't have to be expensive.