How Using Machine Automation Can Help Your Health

How Using Machine Automation Can Help Your Health

James HM |

Throughout history, our hands have been used for many things: fighting, construction, hospitality and writing are just a few. Although our hands are like a paintbrush to a painter, do we consider the possibility of overworking them?  A debate that has gone on throughout history, leaving a wide range of medical evidence to support both sides. But what is the true medical effect of packing by hands? You're about to find out.

Despite the easy movement of our hands, they consist of 72 tiny muscles working in unison throughout our fingers, palm and wrist to function. Each individual muscle like an organ in the body is vital for the functioning of the organism as a whole, and, therefore every individual muscle must be in perfect condition or the effectiveness of our hands becomes hindered. I suppose that’s similar to our packing machines.

The biggest medical condition that can be developed is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Putting this simply, it’s the inflammation of the Carpel Tunnel –the narrow passage of bones and ligaments at the bottom of our hands containing nerves and tenants - which causes the compression of nerves. This compression burdens you with a constant numbness within your hand as well as infrequent pain shooting up your arm. Surprisingly, this syndrome can be caused by line work and can lead to potential surgery. So, why risk it?

The second biggest medical effect of hand packing is Osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease is a more violent form of arthritis. Our fantastic body is made out of calcium bones, with a labyrinth of cartilage, muscle tissue and arteries around it. This cartilage is extremely important for any movement at all, its slippery tissue characteristics cover the end of our bones in our joints, allowing movement. Constant hand-packing causes the cartilage in your wrists to swell, creating pain and prohibiting function. In the long run, it causes severe damage to your wrist joints that is only curable by surgery.

The question we’re asking is, are you willing to risk the ability to use your hands so that you can pack by hand, or that of your fellow team members in the pursuit of keeping up with demand within your business. That’s why with our packing machines you can keep your healthy hand function as well as, speeding up your productivity rate by as little as 35%. So in our opinion, it is a win-win, but don't just take our word for it, check out our happy customers - all with full functioning hands!