VIDEO: Phil 5000 Duo Packing Machine



hi my name's David welcome to scale

i want to introduce our phil 5000 duo

the first

of our multi-head weighers in our range

so this machine is capable of packing

anything from 15 grams

up to 5 kilograms on an individual


if you were to dispense it together it's

capable of doing anything from 15 grams

up to 10 kilograms so the way it works

is it has three different speed settings

again but it doubles to six because we

have two microcomputers inside

two electromagnets and two motors uh to

control the

the machine so it has a flow gate at the


on the twin hopper so again you can set

it individually

or simultaneously depending on if you

want to rin

run the same product through the machine

and the same weights or different


and different weights similarly it has


attachments at the bottom for the

funnels and again you can change the big

singular funnel for two individual

funnels for each side

or you can have it dispensing together

through the one and again each funnel

has a different attachment

to allow you to dispense into small

medium and large sized bags

buckets containers whatever it may be

that you're dispensing into

so i'm now gonna dispense the two five

kilogram weights and we're going to go

from there and show you how it works

so we have got the machine sat on a

pallet and every time i stand on it it

shakes it which does

send it over by then a few grams um but

if you that's for the purpose of this

video and

so yeah we're going to change it over to

individual dispensers now

so it's as simple as opening the machine

up flicking the switch over

replacing the lid

and it dispenses one side at a time the

ability to quickly reprogram these

machines means that we can get them

running at the same rate

as uh smaller dispenses so for

instance one kilograms we can get it

running at a rate of 300 per hour

on each side so that's the equivalent of

600 dispenses per

hour and again with the five kilograms

we've reprogrammed it we've opened the

gate up to improve the flow ability of

the product

this will allow us to achieve the 2 to

300 dispensers per hour on the 5

kilogram dispenses also

anything from 100 grams to 250 grams we

can dispense at a rate of 600

to 900 per hour on each side so that's

the equivalent of 1200

to 1800 dispenses per hour

on those on those weights

so to clean the phil 5000 duo you would

press and hold the clear material button

on both computers

this will vibrate the machine and open

the gate door

and allow any product to travel along

and through the funnel at the bottom

hopefully into a bucket that you've

placed there to catch it otherwise it's

going to go all over your floor

you can then use the four clips on the

side of the lid to remove the hopper and

the lid

just pull it off and again you can then

put that through a dishwasher you can

sweep it out brush it out

clean it out depending on your current

processes you've then got access to the


vibration plates which again you can

brush out

sweep out hoover out wash it out with an

antibac cloth

and spray and then you've got access to

the internal hoppers here as well

using the discharge button on the front

of the computer you can then

actually open the gates and dislodge any

material that might

be left behind in there finally you can

take off the

funnel at the bottom using the two clips

in order to

again put that through a dishwasher or

whatever your current process is you can

clean it out that way and then finally

once a week i would recommend taking the

back panel off using the six screws

in order to access the internals hoover

that out

and just for general upkeep and

maintenance of the machine

because it's not actually part of the

food contact uh

part of the machine when it's in

operation then it doesn't need to be

done for example on a product changeover

thanks very much for watching if you

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