VIDEO: Meet the Phil 300



hi my name is david welcome to scale i

just want to start by

introducing our phil 300 this is the

smallest machine in our range as you can

see it's no bigger than a household


and it can pack anything from one gram

right the way up to

300 grams again like all the machines it

is product dependent and dependent on

the density of your product

for a loose leaf tea for instance you're

looking at about 100 grams as a maximum

in here

for coffee beans 200 to 225 grams as a


and for things like rice and green

coffee beans you'd be able to do just

over 300 grams as a maximum

and so the hopper it comes with a six

and a half liter hopper so

you can fit anywhere between up to one

up to two kilograms of product into the

top hopper

again the machine is made of food grade

304 stainless steel and carries the c

mark and it has three programmable

settings on the machine

uh fast medium and slow which we will

tailor to your products and your weights

and you can adjust the weight system

again on the computer using the up and


arrow keys so i've set this one to 30

grams just to sort of

uh to show you popcorn seeds going

through the machine

and now it will handle anything from

powders right the way up to

nuts grains and those sort of sized


it's really flexible versatile machine

and it's quite fast as well and accurate

it goes to a decimal point

so it's accurate within 0.2 grams and

i'm just gonna it comes with

a magic eye which means that when you

present your packaging underneath the

funnel here

it will automatically uh dispense we

have disconnected the magic eye and you

can too

and to use the foot pedal which is a lot

easier and helps you to control the


when using the machine so i'm just going

to put my tub up to the

chute of the machine and press the foot


and out it dispenses and continues to

weigh out the next

the next weight and it's really as

simple as that

so once you've emptied the machine out

by using the clear material button

you just detach the hopper at the top

using the two clips

one on that side and one on that side we

do have a separate hopper which you can

purchase for a small amount and it

doubles the capacity up to 12 liters

and so that's the internals there that

can be taken away put through a


and cleaned out according to your

current processes

and you've then got access to the

internals at the top there where you can

brush it out hover it out clean it out

with an anti-back spray and cloth

and then once a week or at the end of

each day i'd recommend taking the back

panel off using the six screws

and you've got access to the body of the

machine just for general maintenance and

repairs through that way

so thank you very much for watching

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