VIDEO: Seal 2000 Sealing Machine



hi my name's David welcome to scale I just wanted to introduce our seal 2000 our continuous band sealer it is an industrial standalone unit but for this video we have got it raised on a benchtop

it will seal your bags up to 80 microns thickness using a wide variety of materials it has a fast warm-up time with constant heat temperature using bronze heating and cooling bars we feel that this material is a better conductor of heat so it'll seal your bags much better so the way it works is you put your bag at the end there and it travels along with the dust-resistant PTFE travel belts this will avoid any contamination of particles on your product whilst it's passing through the machine has a conveyor capacity of up to 15 kilograms this means it's ideal for small bags big bags and anything which could be used in the pet industry liquids that kind of thing and packed into bigger bags


so I'm just going to show you how the machine works to seal in a variety of different bags we've already set the uh conveyor belt to a suitable level for the height of the packaging and that

means that you can then adjust the ceiling part of the machine up and down using the crank at the top I'm just gonna start the conveyor belt using the start button there the machine starts to travel you I'm going to fill up the bag using our Phil 5000 with some green coffee beans if you haven't already watched our video on that head over to the full 5000 section and you can see how that machine works


but for now, I'm going to show you the sealer so we're going to fill it up with the beans and pass it through into the feeder and the machine travels it along the cooling bars underneath and at the end, we have a seal so my test that I like to do on these bags give it a second to cool down is try and empty the bag and split the seal and see that's quite sealed and that's not going to open anytime soon so as mentioned before the machine will seal a wide variety of packaging up to 80 microns in thickness and just for just so everybody knows that's 0.08 millimetres which are quite thick for a

bag um on the so this material here we've got a cardboard outer lining and a plastic inner lining and I'm just going to fill it up again with some coffee beans seal it I've then got a foil bag there to try and a larger bag just to show you the versatility of the machine when it's using longer length material so here we go just going to fill that bag upstart the machine's conveyor belt and just pass the bag through


so to set the temperature on the machine it's really easy there are three control four control buttons you just press the start button and you can then move along it'll enter the setup mode you can move along and adjust it from zero to 300 degrees using the hundreds the tens or the singular and again it's up to you what temperature you want to go for depending on your product and your packaging and your material once you've pressed the set button the machine will then rise to that to that temperature if it goes above you can press the fan button to regulate the temperature that'll just keep it all inside nice and cool and then I just get to adjust the speed I'll turn it on here for you

if you move the speed dial to then left it slows it down if it moves it to the right that'll be it going at 12 meters per minute and I'm just going to pass a bag through just to show you off the house fast it goes compared to how we've had it in the rest of the video and it does just seal the bag

but what I would recommend if you're going to go at that speed is to increase the temperature and you'll get the same result thanks very much for watching guys don't forget to like share and comment if you want to contact us you can do it on plus four four one seven four eight three four nine one one two or hello at scale dot code the UK


if you want to send us some packaging we can do we'll do the seal test and the shake test to see if the machine is suitable for your business

thanks very much