VIDEO: Meet the Phil 500



hi my name's david welcome to scale i

want to start by introducing our phil


this machine was actually the first in

our range when we first started

uh selling these machines and it's

capable of packing anything from one to

500 grams

it does depend on your product density

so something like a loose leaf tea

you might only get two to three hundred

grams as a maximum dispense for instance

depending on the tea

and again for something like a rice or

green beans

um you would actually be able to get the

maximum dispenser 500 grams in there due

to the density of the product

the top hopper capacity has a 5 kilogram

holding capacity

the machine works on an august system

inside so it's an anti-gravity feed

system rather than a linear way head

like the rest of the machines in our

in our range and so it does work a

little bit differently and doesn't

handle powders very well

and when it comes to cleaning out after

powders i wouldn't recommend it so

and it's just for things like loose leaf

tea hardware products

and today we're actually going to be

packing pills through it

the the beautiful thing about it is it

has a decimal point on the machine so it

goes to 0.2 grams

and it gives you the the ability to be

able to

accurately pack things like pills

hardware products golf tees we've had go

through the machine before

and and that's just allows you to take

that process away

and make it a lot more simple and so the

machine has three programmable settings

depending on your product and weight

that we can set it to different

different speed settings and to take

care of different products and different

weight sizes

the machine's made of 304 grade

stainless steel throughout

it does come with a foot pedal which you

can use to dispense the products once

it's hit the target weight

or you can use the magikai which when

you present your packaging under the


it will dispense into your packaging the

funnel has a six centimeter diameter

diameter across so if your

if your packaging is is that small then

yeah it will it will take care of it and

dispense into that into that um

kind of packaging for you so i'm gonna

press the foot pedal dispense the pills

into the tub so we should have a reading


40 pills at 55.3 grams

and yeah so we're going to press the

foot pedal and away we go

the machine automatically starts to

weigh out the next set

there we go so to clean this machine you

just remove the lid using the four clips

on the side

um and then once it's off you can then

put that through the dishwasher

or give it a good clean out by hand

depending on your current processes

there's then an allen keyboard inside

there that you remove

and that will allow you to take the

spiral mechanism out from the machine

you can then give that a good brush out

or a hoover out or again put it through

the dishwasher depending on your current


you've then got access to the internal

weighing scale in there which you can

give a good clean out with a hoover

or again anti-back spray and a cloth and

finally you can get into the chute from

the bottom

and through the top just to give make

sure that that's all decontaminated as


ready for your next product changeover

so thank you very much for watching

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thank you very much for watching guys