An Average Day at Scayl

An Average Day at Scayl


Recently, Scayl’s owner (Scott Woodhead), won the 42 under 42 award -for the second time around! This is a regional award given to local business owners and entrepreneurs and having won it in the Northwest a few years ago, he’s gone on to win the Yorkshire award too! Considering this, he’d like to share what an average day at Scayl might look like as the business owner.

The first thing to do (after saying hello to the team) is to spend a little bit of time catching up on emails and messages whilst enjoying the first cup of tea of the day. Once all the correspondence is done, it’s then time to liaise with the sales team. This allows for discussion about sales strategy, and potential distribution options, as we’ve recently partnered with an Australian company and have no intention of stopping there.

As the business grows globally, it also grows internally. With the expansion of our team, one of the tasks at hand is to accommodate for this. Currently, Scott is working on installing a new engineering workshop for our in-house engineer. Scott also needs to work closely with the engineer, as Scayl is in the process of developing a new machine!

The next thing to do is catch up with the marketing team. This varies, as sometimes a meeting will be needed and sometimes it’s a case of approving newsletters and social media designs. If it’s the latter, Scott prefers to do this from the office hammock. The test emails and designs are sent to him digitally, so he can access them from his laptop. He claims that using a hammock helps with his creativity after talking numbers and strategy all morning, so he can look at the designs and emails with a more critical eye.

With the new machine development in mind, Scott is keen to hear from like-minded business owners and how the machines are helping to improve their business operations. So, in the afternoon, he might set up meetings with clients and potential clients to gather feedback. He’s particularly interested in seeing how our client’s businesses have developed, for example, London Nootropics who bought Scayl machines recently gained investment from two of the dragons on Dragon’s Den.

Typically, Scott might finish the day with some less desirable tasks, like looking at logistics or planning for the next quarter – but we can’t give too much away! Rest assured, there are some exciting things in the pipeline, watch this space.